2022 Ferrari 296 GTB Challenge EVO - $399991

For sale in Redwood City, CA: 2022 Ferrari 296 GTB Nero with 213 miles, Challenge EVO trim. Powerful engine, sleek design, high performance.

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  • Year:2022
  • Mileage:213 miles
  • Trim:Challenge EVO
  • VIN:ZFF87EXX000277606
  • Color:Nero
  • Body Style:coupe
  • Transmission: Automatic
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Based upon our deal score algorithim, this 296 GTB is ranked #1 out of 41 296 GTBs.
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The price is the market average by $-56944. The average price for this car is $456935.

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213 Miles Are Below Average

The mileage is the market average by 833.976 miles. The average mileage for this car is 1,046.976 miles.

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107 Days On Market Are Below Average

The car has been on the market shorter than average by 52 days. The average days on market for this car is 159.109 days.

A Note From Ferrari Silicon Valley

Ferrari Silicon Valley Presents: A Pre-Owned 2022 Ferrari 488 Challenge Evo Ferrari Silicon Valley is thrilled to showcase a remarkable addition to its inventory, a Pre-Owned 2022 Ferrari 488 Challenge Evo, a testament to Ferrari's enduring legacy of delivering unrivaled performance and sophistication. With a mere 213 miles on the odometer, this race-bred marvel is presented in a sleek Nero finish, embodying the pure essence and dynamic spirit of Ferrari's racing DNA. Exterior: The Ferrari 488 Challenge Evo boasts an imposing stance, with its Nero exterior serving as a canvas for its racing pedigree. The car features an aggressive front and rear splitter, along with a fixed rear wing bringing loads of downforce, keeping the car planted on track. Its track focused aerodynamic enhancements underscore a design that's forged in the heat of competition, symbolizing Ferrari's unyielding pursuit of aerodynamic perfection and speed. Interior: The interior of the 488 Challenge Evo is a testament to Ferrari's racing heritage, stripped of any luxury to focus solely on performance. Lightweight racing bucket seats and Sabelt racing harnesses ensure the driver is secure during high speed cornering. Every aspect of its cabin is engineered to support peak competitive performance, from the tactile feedback of its controls to the strategic layout that ensures quick and intuitive access during high-speed maneuvers. Engine and Performance: Powering the 488 Challenge Evo is Ferrari's formidable 3.9-liter twin-turbocharged V8 engine, producing 670 horsepower and 560 lb-ft of torque, fine-tuned for the track to unleash staggering power and responsiveness. Paired with a F1 DCT transmission, it delivers a driving experience that's both fiercely potent and exceptionally agile, capable of conquering the most demanding circuits. Key Features: Fuel Pipe Replacement Campaign Completed in November 2022: Ensures the highest standards of safety and performance have been maintained, reflecting Ferrari's commitment to excellence. Three Sets of Wheels: Offers versatility for various track conditions, enabling optimal performance and strategic flexibility during races. Passenger Seat Option: Allows for a co-pilot or instructor, making it ideal for training sessions or showcasing the thrilling capabilities of this race car. Seatbelts and Fuel Bladders Good Until 2026: Signifies adherence to the latest safety standards, ensuring the car is race-ready and compliant with regulations for the foreseeable future. This 2022 Ferrari 488 Challenge Evo is not merely a vehicle; it's a pinnacle of track engineering and performance, now available at Ferrari Silicon Valley. This exceptional race car invites you to immerse yourself in an unparalleled driving adventure, pushing the limits of performance and elegance. Seize the opportunity to own a significant piece of Ferrari's illustrious racing heritage and experience the exhilarating power of the 488 Challenge Evo. Ferrari Silicon Valley is a member of the Indigo Auto Group. Our dealership features a state of the art showroom, fully staffed factory certified service center, parts department, finance department, detailing department, and accessories store. Trade-in proposals are always welcome. If you would like to inquire about this vehicle or have any questions, please call 650-261-6000 or drop by our location at 2750 El Camino Real, Redwood City, CA 94061. We invite you to join the Ferrari Silicon Valley family today.

Alternative Cars Our AI Thinks You Should Consider

2021 Ferrari F8 Spider

Price: $419900

Why To Consider The F8 Spider Instead : The Ferrari F8 Spider is a compelling alternative to the Ferrari 296 GTB for several reasons. First and foremost, the F8 Spider comes with a retractable hardtop, allowing for open-air driving when desired, while the 296 GTB is a fixed-roof coupe. This provides a unique and exhilarating driving experience, especially when cruising along scenic routes or on a beautiful sunny day. Additionally, the F8 Spider boasts a V8 engine that produces more horsepower than the 296 GTB, delivering even more thrilling performance on the road. Furthermore, the F8 Spider has been lauded for its handling and driving dynamics, making it a joy to drive in various conditions. Overall, the F8 Spider offers a combination of performance, style, and open-air driving that sets it apart from the 296 GTB.

  • Retractable hardtop for open-air driving
  • Higher horsepower V8 engine
  • Excellent handling and driving dynamics
  • Higher cost compared to the 296 GTB
  • Slightly heavier due to the retractable hardtop mechanism
  • Limited cargo space when the hardtop is stowed
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2022 Ferrari F8 Tributo

Price: $379995

Why To Consider The F8 Tributo Instead : The Ferrari F8 Tributo is a remarkable alternative to the Ferrari 296 GTB for several reasons. First and foremost, the F8 Tributo comes with a more powerful engine, boasting 710 horsepower from its V8 twin-turbocharged engine. This power difference is significant and gives the F8 Tributo a more exhilarating driving experience. Additionally, the F8 Tributo has been praised for its precise handling and advanced aerodynamics, providing unmatched agility on the road. The interior of the F8 Tributo also offers a more luxurious and driver-focused experience, with high-quality materials and advanced technology features. Overall, the F8 Tributo is a top choice for those seeking pure performance and unmatched driving dynamics.

  • More powerful engine with 710 horsepower
  • Precise handling and advanced aerodynamics
  • Luxurious and driver-focused interior
  • Possible higher price compared to the 296 GTB
  • Less trunk space
  • Slightly lower fuel efficiency
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2005 Ford GT GEN I

Price: $449900

Why To Consider The GT Instead : When considering the Ford GT from the GEN I production years (2005-2007) as an alternative to the Ferrari 296 GTB, there are several factors to take into account. The Ford GT is a classic American supercar with a rich racing heritage and is often praised for its raw and exhilarating driving experience. The iconic design of the Ford GT pays homage to the original GT40, which dominated Le Mans in the 1960s. With its mid-mounted 5.4-liter supercharged V8 engine producing 550 horsepower, the GT delivers impressive performance that can rival many of its Italian counterparts. Additionally, the Ford GT offers a more accessible driving experience with its forgiving handling, making it a great choice for enthusiasts who value a balance of power and control. The limited production numbers also contribute to the exclusivity and collectability of the Ford GT, making it a unique choice in the supercar market.

  • Iconic design and rich racing heritage
  • Impressive performance with a 550-horsepower engine
  • Forgiving handling for a more accessible driving experience
  • Limited production numbers for exclusivity and collectability
  • Lacks the brand prestige of Ferrari
  • May not have the same level of refinement or technology as the Ferrari 296 GTB
  • Higher maintenance and repair costs compared to some competitors
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2023 Aston Martin DBS Superleggera

Price: $359900

Why To Consider The DBS Instead : When considering the Aston Martin DBS Superleggera as an alternative to the Ferrari 296 GTB, it's important to note the superior power and performance of the DBS Superleggera. With a V12 engine producing 715 horsepower, the DBS Superleggera offers an exhilarating driving experience that is hard to match. The Superleggera also features a luxurious and comfortable interior, making it a great option for both long drives and daily commutes. Additionally, the Aston Martin brand is known for its timeless and elegant design, which is evident in the sleek and sophisticated exterior of the DBS Superleggera.

  • Higher horsepower and performance
  • Luxurious and comfortable interior
  • Timeless and elegant design
  • Higher starting price compared to the Ferrari 296 GTB
  • Lacks some of the advanced technology features available in the 296 GTB
  • Lower fuel efficiency compared to the 296 GTB
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2014 Lamborghini Aventador LP 700-4

Price: $344888

Why To Consider The Aventador Instead : When considering the Lamborghini Aventador LP 700-4 as an alternative to the Ferrari 296 GTB, there are several factors to take into account. The Aventador LP 700-4 is known for its eye-catching design, powerful V12 engine, and impressive top speed. It offers a unique driving experience, with its aggressive styling and raw performance. The interior of the Aventador is also a standout feature, with high-quality materials and a futuristic cockpit layout. Additionally, the Aventador has a reputation for being a true supercar, with remarkable handling and stability at high speeds. For those looking for a car that delivers an adrenaline-pumping driving experience, the Aventador is a compelling alternative to the Ferrari 296 GTB.

  • Striking design that turns heads
  • Powerful V12 engine with impressive top speed
  • High-quality interior materials and futuristic cockpit layout
  • Remarkable handling and stability at high speeds
  • Higher price tag compared to the Ferrari 296 GTB
  • Less practical for everyday use due to its aggressive nature
  • Less fuel-efficient compared to the Ferrari 296 GTB
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