Super Veloce uses AI to scan the sports and exotic car market, bringing you the best deals directly. Save thousands of dollars and hours of time on your dream car purchase.

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How Our AI Saves You Time & Money

We Calculate The Real-Time Asking Price

Tap into the market pulse with real-time price benchmarks for your dream car so you know what the right price is.

Snipe The Best Deals

Our AI spots the hottest deals on high-end cars before anyone else and sends them to you.

Recommend You Alternatives

We can recommend you alternatives based upon the car you're looking at.

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We Predict Prices

Our machine learning algorithms predict how much a car will drop in price by and when it will drop.

No Minivans - Purpose Built For Exotic Cars

We break out every make and model by specific revisions that matter to exotic car buyers.

Comprehensive Price Trajectories

Track a car's value over time with detailed price histories, ensuring you buy smart.

Snipe The Best Deal on Your Dream Car

Harness the prowess of our AI as it diligently navigates our vast database and asking price index, alongside key market factors, to pinpoint outstanding deals for you instantly. Say goodbye to endless searching — our intelligent system tracks and locates the finest offers, saving you time and effort.


A Data Driven Approach To Car Buying

Our system meticulously scans through millions of car listings and our extensive historical archives multiple times daily. Our algorithm evaluates every aspect — make, model, revision, and year — to construct a comprehensive Asking Price Index for exotic vehicles across the nation. Our rich dataset encompasses a wide array of sources, not just those from dealerships that pay us a fee, ensuring that our asking price reflects the most precise market value available.


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Super Veloce is your ultimate tool for finding and purchasing luxury and performance cars. Our advanced AI sifts through millions of data points to bring you real-time price benchmarks, uncover the hottest deals before anyone else, and offer blazing-fast search capabilities specifically designed for exotic cars.

Our platform analyzes the market by scanning millions of car listings and historical data daily. We construct an Asking Price Index for exotic vehicles by evaluating every aspect of each car — make, model, revision, and year. This ensures you get accurate, up-to-date information to make informed decisions.

Unlike other platforms that cater to a broad range of vehicles, Super Veloce is purpose-built for the exotic car market. Our system is tailored to understand the nuances of luxury cars, offering comprehensive price trajectories and the ability to snipe the best deals thanks to our data-driven approach.

Super Veloce is a monthly subscription. It costs $19.99 per month.

Yes, you can cancel yourself on the web at anytime.

Our Asking Price Index is incredibly accurate, thanks to our algorithm that evaluates listings and historical data multiple times a day. We incorporate a wide array of sources, including those beyond paid dealership listings, to reflect the most precise market value available.

Super Veloce is dedicated to high-end, luxury, and performance cars. We cover every make and model, focusing on specific revisions that matter most to exotic car buyers. You won't find minivans or ordinary sedans here—only the cream of the crop.

Our AI continuously scans the market, updating deals in real-time. This means you're always getting the most current information available, allowing you to act swiftly on exceptional offers.

Yes, our platform offers comprehensive price trajectories for each car, enabling you to track its value over time. This feature is invaluable for making informed purchasing decisions and understanding market trends.

Super Veloce employs advanced machine learning to accurately forecast price changes in the luxury and performance car market. Our AI analyzes a comprehensive dataset, including historical sales, current listings, economic indicators, brand trends, and model updates. This extensive analysis allows our system to identify patterns and trends, enabling it to predict future price movements effectively. This predictive capability means that Super Veloce subscribers can anticipate market trends, buying before prices increase or selling before they decrease. This strategic advantage ensures our users can make the most informed decisions, potentially saving thousands or capitalizing on an investment at the optimal moment. With Super Veloce, you're not just following the market—you're ahead of it.